Installed to the 12V output of each zükt LED fixture, VABOSS wirelessly connects the LEDs to create an intelligent lighting system, that has a vast range of bespoke functionalities.

The system addresses virtually any sites’ energy management requirements using high performance PIR (Passive Infrared) presence detection, motion detection as well as Daylight Harvesting Technology.

Daylight Harvesting enables each LED fixture to maintain customary LUX levels depending on the natural lighting penetrating the skylights and roller doors opening and closing. During brighter days the lights will dim, increasing savings and prolonging the life expectancy of each lamp.


Typical or Configurable

  • High performance PIR presence detection with configurable delay / validation
  • Daylight harvesting trigger levels and light reduction ratio
  • Wireless access to reconfiguration and reporting
  • Manual dimming override control
  • Two channel sensor support
  • Two channel dimming and power control
  • A real-time clock with several days’ backup power
  • Three configurable weekly time zones – days of week and to-from time periods.
  • Independent Maximum and Dimmed values for the three different time of week profiles.
  • Independent Dwell time and Turnoff delay time for the three different time of week profiles.
  • Three channel, half-hourly reporting with storage for 1 year.
  • Recording options include power usage and temperature.
  • Individual day of month/month report query.

Bespoke Extensions

  • An ability to operate as a standalone sensor in a low power, battery operated mode for extended time periods, with either internal storage or wireless links to master stations
  • Location awareness and response to events signalled by defined, group related, controllers
  • Individual response to a master, group controller
  • Support of additional sensor types
  • Specific actions at certain times of the week
  • Customisable logic control modules