Why You Should Choose zükt®

  1. zükt® LED Lighting Provides Up to 93% Saving on Lighting Costs & 15-35% on Total Energy Bills
  • zükt® provides every project with a comprehensive cost savings report to calculate the projected savings.
  • Our before and after installation reports provide the number of units and dollars saved through a LED upgrade.
  • The “zükt® 100 Day Money Back Guarantee”. If your savings don’t match your expectations, you will be eligible for a full refund on the cost of the lights.


  1. High Quality LED Lighting, Globally Proven and Backed by a 5-year Warranty
  • zükt® LED lighting uses premium componentry such as Philips, CREE & OSRAM LED chips, MeanWell drivers and Cast Aluminium housings
  • All zükt® LED lighting comes with a full 5-year replacement warranty, including installation if installed by us.
  • zükt® LED lighting is externally inspected, tested and certified by SGS Group.


  1. $0 Upfront LED Rentals, Positive Cash Flow Options and 30-Day Trials
  • zükt® provide a No Upfront Cost finance option
  • Most zükt® LED retrofit clients experience electricity bill reductions that are greater than the finance payment; giving you positive cash flow month 1 and ongoing.


  1. LED Lighting Experts, Specialist Advice and Tailored Solutions
  • Our LED lighting consultants provide the right advice and lighting plans for the type and mix of LED replacements and integrated smart lighting options.
  • Whilst others simply retrofit LED lights, we plan for maximum cost savings using powerful, low wattage fixtures and utilising Smart-Lighting control systems.
  • zükt® consultants conduct a LED Cost Saving Audit to calculate what your current energy costs are, what energy savings you will have, and what the return on investment will be.


  1. Fast, Hassle-Free Installations
  • We aim to minimise your downtime when installing your LED system.
  • zükt® LED lighting is built to exceed 50,000 hours, minimising the frustration of maintaining traditional bulbs that fail and require lifting equipment to replace.


  1. zükt® is the Reputable, Professional and Guaranteed LED Solution
  • The Vaboss Control Unit used in our zükt® LED Smart-Warehousing System has won “Best Industrial Energy Efficient Project” at the National Energy Efficiency Awards 2018.
  • zükt® LED electricity cost savings we calculate presale is backed up by our results post installation, which is why we can offer a 100-day money back guarantee.
  • zükt® have lighting engineers available to ensure the relevant Australian/New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS) are met.



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