zükt® Smart-Warehouse Solutions

Made and designed in Australia for warehouse and factory applications.

Smart-Warehouse Lighting Systems that light up the area you are working in, eliminating un-necessary illumination in areas where motion is not present.


VABOSS wirelessly connects each unit to create an intelligent lighting system that has a vast range of bespoke functionalities. The system addresses virtually any sites’ energy management requirements.


zukt with Vaboss


The VABOSS control unit is simply fitted to the zükt® LED High Bay fixture


Tech & Specs:

  • High-performance PIR presence / heat detection with configurable delay / validation
  • Wireless access to reconfiguration & lighting reports
  • Manual dimming override control
  • Two-channel sensor support
  • Two-channel dimming & power control
  • A real-time clock with several days’ backup power
  • Independent Maximum and Dimmed values for the three different time of week profiles.
  • Independent Dwell time and Turnoff delay time for the three different times of week profiles.
  • Three-channel, half-hourly reporting with storage for 1 year.
  • Recording options include power usage and temperature
  • Individual day of the month/month report query.
  • Daylight Harvesting Technology.


Why have the lights on when the sun is out?

Daylight Harvesting enables each LED fixture to maintain custom light (lux) levels that adapt to the natural light beaming through the skylights and open roller doors. During brighter days the lights will dim, lowering consumption, increasing savings - which also prolongs the life expectancy of each lamp. When dark clouds rollover, the Smart-Lighting System will emit more light ensuring work safety standards are met.


Welcome to the future of Smart-Warehouse Solutions.

The typical modern 5000 to 10,000m2 warehouse has around 50% of its floor area visited for less than 10% of the day. Trucks and forklifts deliver and retrieve pallets in less than 3 minutes and return within 30 minutes; that is activity for 10% of the functional day, or, on average, 6 minutes each hour.

If the lamps were dimmed during the 54 minutes of no activity there can be a saving of 90% of the power consumed in that space. Averaged across the total space, there can be a 45% reduction in the total energy used.

Replacing the old 400w mercury vapour lamps with zükt® 120w LED high bays, power consumption will be reduced by a further 70%, and if the lamps turn off when the area is unoccupied, total consumption can be reduced by up to 95%!

All of the above benefits can be achieved on a per-light fixture basis through the use of the unique VABOSS Intelligent Lighting Controller.

By integrating the controller to the zükt® LED high bay fixture, all energy benefits can be achieved without needing to rewire control cabling and sensors, installing a central control system or developing site-specific lighting control programs.



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