Zukt Highbay 100W USB

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zükt® Highbay


 The zükt® LED high bay V ready is designed to replace and totally outperform HID fixtures. With its superior performance and dimmable capabilities means it is set up to configure with Vaboss Smart-Lighting Systems. The ZHB offers an attractive return on investment – delivering energy savings of up to 78% with direct retrofit or 92% savings with Smart-Lighting System. The heatsinks have been custom designed to suit Australia’s hot climate and reduce heat output making it outlast competitors. Our guarantee covers maintenance-free, quality light for 5 years, with no warmup or cooldown cycles like incandescent fixtures.


• Warehouses and other industrial facilities

• Gyms and other large indoor facilities

• Shopping centres

• Showrooms

• Maintenance sheds

•Storage facilities



  • Energy efficient
  • Lower running costs
  • Little to no maintenance required for +/-50,000hrs
  • AS/NZS Compliant
  • Restricted of hazardous materials RoHS compliant
  • Less heat production compared to other HID and metal halide lamps meaning less load on cooling systems 
  • Easy installation
  • Includes 1.5m cable with AC plug